Artist Residencies


Jarrad Martyn | September 2 – November 27, 2019

Jarrad Martyn is a WA artist working with painting and drawing to explore the environment around him. During the residency Martyn will be producing a number of paintings and drawings which explore his observations about how we are engaging with the environment during climate change. The relationship between painting being used as a socio political device and as means for unpacking new aesthetic representations will be at the forefront of the project. Martyn will attempt to undermine his reliance on using the illusion of space in his practice and to reintroduce the role of mark making.

Image credit: Jarrad Martyn, Time.

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Chloe Bartram | September 23 – October 20, 2019

Chloe Bartram is a feminist, photographic artist and visual narrator based in Fremantle, WA. Using the conventions of social documentary and photography, she endeavours to explore the idiosyncratic nature of the human condition, create new perspectives on the Aussie outback and bring the lived experiences of women to the centre of discussion. During her Beach Street residency Chloe will be researching women’s pastimes and contributions to society from the 1830’s to the early 1900’s – with a focus on Fremantle. Using photography, Chloe will begin to respond to images and text found in archives. She is interested in the sense of self we can attach to a place and how we leave our mark.

Image credit: Chloe Bartram, Whispered Wants, 2014.

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Ross Potter | February 27 – April 5, 2019

Ross Potter is a West Australian artist whose work captures the details in our everyday lives, highlighting that escapism can exist in the simplicity of our very own reality. Using Graphite on Paper, while altering perspectives and challenging our sense of place, Potter’s work captures the slow evolution of the urban landscape and how we as a community interact with our surroundings.

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Lia McKnight | February 27 – April 5, 2019

Lia McKnight is an Australian artist and curator based in Perth, WA. Privileging lived experience and emotional geographies as areas of intrigue, her work seeks to speculate on the shifting parameters of identity and context.

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