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Dead Centre

November 1 to March 31

About this exhibition

Dead Centre is a group exhibition curated by Anna Louise Richardson and Abdul-Rahman Abdullah that aims to articulate the problematic expectations on the individual in finding their place in a social landscape characterised by simplistic and divisive assumptions.

The exhibition aims to contextualise a group of artistic voices from around the country that explores and celebrate marginalised identities in the broader spectrum of a multicultural society. The exhibition looks at what is in your sphere – right in front of you, and how the rest is about perception. Drawing on the experiences of artists connected to different communities including Aboriginal, Polynesian, Persian, Thai, Greek, Italian, Malay, LGBQTI and Muslim, the exhibition offers a point of access to individual outlooks that contribute and enrich the Australian social landscape.

“Dead Centre is the inverse of the rest of us. It takes you into ten different worlds in which the artists’ own experiences occupy centre stage.” – Curator, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Image credit: Dead Centre at Geraldton Regional Art Gallery. Left: Olga Cironie Home Run, 2013. Right: Abdul Abdullah We are blood and bone, 2014; We are sweat and tears, 2014.

NOTE: This exhibition is currently available for booking. If you are interested in booking this exhibition for your venue, please contact Exhibitions Touring Coordinator – Olivia Nichols at


Anna Louise Richardson, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah


Tony Albert (NSW), Abdul Abdullah (NSW), Olga Cironis (WA), Barbara Cleveland (NSW), Nathan Beard (WA), Megan Cope (VIC), Liam Colgan (WA), Thea Costantino (WA), Léuli Eshraghi (VIC), Angela Tiatia (NSW)


New media, 2D photography, video


13 artworks (projectors, media players and monitors provided)
20 – 50 running metres


Education resource (includes teachers notes, curriculum and ideas, glossary of terms, primary and secondary gallery questions)
Free education and public programs (includes public events, artist talks incursion and excursion with schools, discounted ARTBUS, sponsored by Healthway to promote the Act Belong Commit message)


Gallery talks and panel discussions.

*Extra cost involved 


Marketing Kit (includes e-invitation template, artwork for hard copy invitation, media release, promotional images, logos and acknowledgements)


Exhibition, ART ON THE MOVE and Healthway panels
Artwork labels
Exhibition brochures (free for distribution)


Working across cultures; AV installation; Installation of 2D artworks; Art handling techniques

*Extra cost involved 


November 2017 – March 2020
Available WA and interstate

Cost Share

WA $3,500.00 (inc GST)
Interstate to be advised


3 crates, totalling 4.4 cubic metres; exhibition delivered by a dedicated vehicle (WA)


November 30 - January 14
Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery


January 27 - March 11
Goldfields Arts Centre
April 20 - June 17
Geraldton Regional Art Gallery
August 15 - September 28
Beach Street Gallery
December 1, 2018 - March 3, 2019
Bunbury Regional Art Gallery


May 21 - May 24
Subiaco Arts Centre
June 21 - July 20
Katanning Gallery

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