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Ngala Wongga (Come Talk)

Cannery Arts Centre

October 18 to November 11

About this exhibition

Ngala Wongga (Come Talk) – Cultural significance of languages in the Goldfields is a collaboration with the Aboriginal community in Goldfields, WA. The conceptual body of multimedia work goes beyond documentary and photojournalism creating an aesthetic and creative platform highlighting the Elders connection to land whilst illuminating the cultural significance of Australia’s endangered languages.

A series of evocative portraits invites us to engage with each individual and their personal stories enhanced through a poignant and haunting story telling installation.

Gungurrunga Ngawa (Look Above) is a series of aerial photographs that captures the ethereal beauty and unique shapes and textures of the Goldfield’s salt lakes.

Using landscapes, portraiture and multi-media Martine Perret’s work intertwines the story of an extraordinary and ancient land, peoples, culture and language.

Hear a sneak peek of these languages and stories from the Elders online here and from Edie Sceghi about her experience working along side Martine Perret online here.

Image Credit: Martine Perret Gungurrunga Ngawa, 2015, giclee print, 2/5 limited edition of 5. Photographer: Martine Perret
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Cannery Arts Centre


Norseman Road, Esperance WA 6450, Australia


Martine Perret
Jonathan Mustard: Digital production, video and sound


Audio visual installation, 2D photography


16 artworks (8 x A0 size, 8 portraits of Elders A1 size)
multi-media projection featuring images and audio projected through 7 layers of tulle fabric (projector and speakers provided)
60 – 75 running metres (a complete darken space for the projection is recommended)


Education resource (includes teachers notes, curriculum and ideas, glossary of terms, primary and secondary gallery questions)
Free education and public programs (includes public events, artist talks incursion and excursion with schools, discounted ARTBUS, sponsored by Healthway to promote the Act Belong Commit message)


Act-Belong-Commit Engagement Program.


Marketing Kit (includes e-invitation template, artwork for hard copy invitation, media release, promotional images, logos and acknowledgements)


Exhibition, ART ON THE MOVE and Healthway panels
Artwork labels
Exhibition brochures (free for distribution)


Working across cultures; Protocols for working with Aboriginal communities; AV installation; Condition reporting; Complex installation 2D

*Extra cost involved 


June 2017 – December 2019
Available WA and interstate

Cost Share

WA $3,445.00 (inc GST)
Interstate to be advised


3 crates, totalling 4.41 cubic metres (tbc); exhibition delivered by a dedicated vehicle (WA)


June 15 - July 23
Carnarvon Library and Gallery


May 9 - June 22
Beach Street Gallery
July 27 - September 1
Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery


July 29 - August 24
Katanning Gallery

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