WA Showcase 2019 In partnership with CircuitWest & GalleriesWest

21 – 24 May, 2019
Subiaco Arts Centre

WA’s Most Imaginative Creatives
Internationally Acclaimed Arts Thinkers

In May 2019, the stage at Subiaco Theatre Centre will come alive with WA’s finest arts presenters providing the best work you will see in the state this year. Alongside, will be five of the most thought provoking speakers bringing original thinking to arts from Australia around the world – including audience development, community engagement, creative thinking, product development and why assuming people don’t care is the best place to start marketing.

This year, for the first time, performing arts and visual arts will come together for WA Showcase making it the hub of arts connection and creativity in 2019.

We are proud to join with CircuitWest and GalleriesWest in the WA Showcase 2019.

Showcase 2019 is all about story.

Our acclaimed international speakers addressing our theme of ‘Story as light. Story as glue. Story as web’ a concept first explored by cultural strategist Ella Saltmarshe.

“Stories shape how we understand the world, our place in it, and our ability to change it”
– Ella Saltmarshe.


Story helps illuminate the past, present, and future, thus lighting up the paths of change. Specifically, it:

1.     Highlights the fault lines in a system and makes visceral cases for change.
2.     Illuminates outliers and builds a cohering narrative around their work.
3.     Shines a light on visions of the future that change the way people act in the present.


Story is also a tool for building community through empathy and coherence. It enables people to connect across difference and to generate narratives that hold together groups, organizations, and movements.


Finally, we can use story to reauthor the web of narratives we live in. Specifically, we can use it to:

1.     Change the personal narratives we have about our lives.
2.     Change the cultural narratives that frame the issues we advocate for.
3.     Change the mythic narratives that influence our worldview.

Using Story to Change Systems – Ella Saltmarshe, Standford Social Innovation Review

What are our stories? How do we tell them? What is the best way to tell them? Why do we need to change and How do we make that change with integrity and evidence?

WA Showcase will seek to answer these questions and more!

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