Artist on the Move Interviews

I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.

Georgia O ‘Keefe

Engagement with art and creativity makes us feel good. We spoke with some of our Act-Belong-Commit Artists to learn about how their artistic practices support and their wellbeing and contribute to a healthy community.

Act – Do something
Belong – Do something with someone
Commit – Do something meaningful

Julie Dowling

Creative endeavour: “Brinkmanship. I like painting fully every day but I also like to express myself only days before a deadline so I can capture immediate nuance.”

“Making art keeps me active in the studio and in public and that is vital as I have many health conditions that need me to move for my wellbeing.”- Julie Dowling

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Neil Elliott

Creative endeavour: “I am a full-time artist. I like to create sculptures using found wooden and steel objects.”

“Today my art offers me a life of fulfilment. Nothing is more rewarding than creating an artwork that brings someone else some joy.”- Neil Elliott


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Georgia King

Creative endeavour: “performance/theatre specifically storytelling with music. I identify myself as a self-producing performance maker with the company Whiskey & Boots.”

“I love pushing audiences to see things in different ways and stretching their empathy and social/emotional comfort but also making them feel welcome in the space and not physically uncomfortable”- Georgia King

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Nathan Beard

Creative endeavour: “Investigations into the way a sense of culture and identity is inherited and challenged through a range of diverse audiences”

“I feel that I’ve created a sense of community and allyship amongst other artists and curators whose work explores similar personal perspectives through specific cultural connections”- Nathan Beard

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Loren Kronemyer

Creative endeavour: “To invite audiences to immerse full-body into practices that explore alternative futures, adaptations, and survival skills.

“My creative practice is my entire framework for connecting with the world!  The relationships I’ve developed through my practice are among the strongest and most nourishing in my life.” – Loren Kronemyer

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Graham Miller

Creative endeavour: “I hope that the jarring effect of the masquerade not only makes people laugh, but also encourages people to think”

“Toughness, emotional stoicism, aggression, and suppression of any weakness or vulnerability were what was expected. We acted out these traits to each other as a means of survival and to prevent being picked on.” – Graham Miller

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Susie Vickery

Creative endeavour: “For me the act of making is essential… that is the fun part, when you get down to the meditative act of stitching.

“I think hand stitched work forms a direct connection between the maker and the viewer, knowing that every stitch has been thought about.” – Susie Vickery

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This Act-Belong-Commit Engagement Program presented by ART ON THE MOVE is sponsored by Healthway promoting the Act-Belong-Commit health message.