Neil Elliott Act-Belong-Commit Artist on the Move

Neil Elliott Sculpture Making Workshop at City of Gosnells, 2018. Image courtesy of City of Gosnells.

Creative endeavour: “I am a full-time artist. I like to create sculptures using found wooden and steel objects.”

Today my art offers me a life of fulfilment. Nothing is more rewarding than creating an artwork that brings someone else some joy.

Artist Neil Elliott

About the Artist
Neil Elliott is a full-time artist who creates unique sculptures through wooden and steel objects. His art practice is inspired by his love of history, engineering and his childhood. Neil decided to go after his dream after working as a graphic designer and feeling as if he could not contain his creativity any longer. Neil has showcased and taught extensively throughout Western Australia and won various awards including the City of Gosnells, Best Sculpture Award in 2019. Neil has made a distinctive name for himself in Perth hills and surrounds through his his infectious love for having fun and experimenting with objects. Neil’s exhibition Creations from the man cave has been a touring exhibition with ART ON THE MOVE and is loved by adults and kids alike with its recycled, fun-like nature. Read on to discover more about Neil Elliotts’ passion for arts and how it has been impacted his life.

How did you get started in your career?
I trained as a graphic artist after high school. I then worked in various newspapers and advertising studios until my creativity could be imprisoned no longer.I decided to fulfil my dream of being a “real artist” in 2003 when my marriage broke down and I felt that I needed to express myself in all facets of my life.

How does your creative practice impact your mental and physical health and wellbeing?
My art practice helped me through the worst part of my life. If it had not been for the creative expression in art, I may not be here today.
Today my art offers me a life of fulfilment. Nothing is more rewarding than creating an artwork that brings someone else some joy.

What part do audiences play in your creative practice?
Audiences are often are source of inspiration, many people offer me ideas and many offer me materials for use in my sculpture.

Do you have anything you’d like to share with community members considering participating in arts activities?
I always encourage others to get involved in any form of expression. Whether it be painting, sculpture, dancing, singing, gardening or cooking. I believe that we all need an outlet for our creativity. It offers a sense of achievement through expression in a fun manner as opposed to achievements at work which can be a stressful.

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