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A Year in the Making

About this exhibition

About this Exhibitions
Kilometres Travelled: 8944

Artists: Claire Townsend, Brenda Ridgewell, Philip Noakes, Jill Parnell, Sarah Elson, Claire Moody, Christel van der Laan, Leanne Ryan, Robin Wells, Jacquie Sprogoe, Helena Bogucki, Julie Ann Ogilvie

Medium: Sterling silver, wood, copper, enamels, gold, plastic

About Twelve months, twelve local artist jewellers and twelve different themes have combined to create this unique jewellery exhibition.

Developed over the course of a year, the exhibition aims to expose new audiences to a diverse range of dynamic, conceptual and contemporary jewellery, raising awareness of this art form and the enduring relevance of work made by hand.

“Jewellery making is often a solitary practice, and in this age, much is driven by computer aided design, new technology and cost savings” Explains coordinator and contemporary jeweller, Claire Townsend. “I wanted to bring together a diverse group of jewellers to work together and push the boundaries of their normal practice, highlighting the still valid process of the handmade and the underlying narrative and content with contemporary jewellery.”

A Year in the Making involves each of the twelve jewellers choosing a theme that all artists personally respond to by creating a piece.  With themes as diverse as ‘Connect’, ‘FIFO’, Choose your own adventure’ and ‘Seeing the unseen’ makers were challenged by what was often unfamiliar subject matter.

Jewellers involved in the exhibition range from emerging to well established and work in traditional through to conceptual practices, using a wide variety of techniques and mediums from sterling silver and copper to enamels, wood, gold and plastic. The resulting works are beautiful and often unexpected pieces, ranging from brooches, neckpieces and rings to larger objects.

Accompanying this exhibition is also a short film giving an insight into a number of the artists and their process of working.




15,473 people


366 days



August 19 – September 12 : Vancouver Arts Centre
November 4 – November 26 : Katanning Gallery
December 11 – February 15, 2016 : Geraldton Regional Art Gallery


March 15 – April 16 : Wanneroo Library & Cultural Centre
July 12 – August 7 : Art Geo Cultural Complex
August 18 – October 1 : Carnarvon Library & Gallery
December 16 – January 22, 2017 : Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery


February 4 – March 19 : Bunbury Regional Art Gallery
August 12 – September 23 : Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery


Phillip Noakes, The Bleeding World, 2014. 24ct gold, 18ct gold, rubies, pearl, stainless steel pin. Image courtesy the artist.