Mark Smith and Charmaine Green

“Archives aren’t just in the libraries you know. They’re everwhere.”

For Wajarri-Badimaya-Maori man Mark Smith, art making with his mother, Wajarri-Badimaya woman Dr Charmaine Green, means more than the picture at the end.

In this video, Smith interrogates Western modes of archival knowledge and highlights the importance of stories and information held by families and communities, and their transfer to subsequent generations.

Smith and Green’s artwork Unravelling Archives 1 is currently touring Western Australia in the exhibition The Alternative Archive.

Where is Famous Sharron? Goldfields-Esperance!

Famous Sharron is the Freighting Ideas Audience Ambassador. Her role is to connect audiences to contemporary art and champion art in WA.

Where in WA is Famous Sharron?

Shaz has been touring all the Hollywood locations (Geraldton, Collie, Katanning…) to promote regional cultural tourism
through a series of short videos, Where in WA is Famous Sharron?

Where is Famous Sharron? Collie!

Where is Famous Sharron? Geraldton!

Where is Famous Sharron? Katanning!

How to Art with Famous Sharron

From caring for art, to discovering its relationship with cheese, explore art hows and whys with Shaz below!

How to Art: Showing it Off

How to Art: Caring for Art

How to Art: Art at Home

Why Should I Art

Why Art is Like Cheese

How Do I Art?