Act-Belong-Commit | Walk With Me

August 28 to December 31

About this project


Walk With Me offers a glimpse into tomorrow, as imagined by the young people of today.

Bring your headphones, grab a map and embark on an immersive sonic journey pulsing with curiosity, hope and humour. You’ll never think about ‘home’ the same way again…

Walk With Me is a participatory audio tour that offers locals and visitors a new way to discover the town through fresh eyes. Originally developed by Mandurah’s Riptide Youth Performance Company with artistic director Katt Osborne, this innovative concept is coming to Harvey, Carnarvon and Geraldton as part of a regional tour.

Riptide creative lead Katt Osborne and associate artists Ruby Liddelow and Harrison Mitchell will visit these regional centres and mentor a group of young people to develop a new and unique version of Walk With Me for their town. Supported by Healthway under the Act-Belong-Commit message, these workshops will immerse young people in a creative environment to improve mental health and wellbeing. Offering opportunities to work alongside professional and emerging artists, participants will develop writing, communication and collaboration skills and improve confidence. Following the developments, the audio tour will be available for locals and visitors alike to follow the audio journey that will connect them with the landscape of ‘home’.

Development Dates
Harvey Recreation and Culture centre: August 28 – September 1
Carnarvon Library & Art Gallery: September 11 – 15
Euphorium Creative, Geraldton: September 18 – 22

You can expect to experience these immersive audio tours following the development dates in each town – stay tuned for updates!

About Riptide Youth Performance Company
Riptide is a youth performing arts company based at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. Our focus is on growing the artistic skills and talents of our local community of passionate young creatives. We offer a range of performing arts development opportunities that lead to the creation of original, innovative and playful new performances.

Creative lead: Katt Osborne
Associate Artists: Ruby Liddelow and Harrison Mitchel
Co-created with young members of the Harvey, Carnarvon & Geraldton communities
Sound Design (Harvey): Mei Saraswati
Sound Design (Carnarvon and Geraldton): Rebecca Riggs-Bennett
Videography (Harvey): Michael Sgro




Presented by ART ON THE MOVE, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre & Riptide Youth Performance Company.
This project is delivered in partnership with Carnarvon Library & Art Gallery, Euphorium Creative Harvey Recreation and Cultural Centre and North Midland Project.
ART ON THE MOVE is supported by the State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.
The Act-Belong-Commit Engagement Program is sponsored by Healthway promoting the Act-Belong-Commit message.