Artist Talk | Mayma Awaida & Tony Sarre

Beach Street Gallery

May 15

About this event

Saturday 15 May, 2021 – 2:00pm

Join collaborators Mayma Awaida and Tony Sarre, in a discussion with Perth Festival Visual Arts Program Associate Gemma Weston that unpacks the development of their three-part audio work, Rethinking the imagecommissioned for the 2021 Perth Festival.

Rethinking the image drew from Erin Coates’ exhibition at Goolugatup Heathcote, Alluvial Gold, leading with a blind perspective to navigate space using atmospheric sound, description, and conversation.

Even in its terming, ‘visual’ arts there is an implicit bias that sight is the predominant way of interacting with and understanding art. Blindness subverts these assumptions, generating the possibility for alternative and experimental readings wherein audio description can function as its own creative form, transforming our capacity for communication.

Rethinking the image – graphic designed by Scott Weir


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