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January 30 to October 29

About this exhibition

Kilometres travelled: 6909

Artists: John E. Maloney

Medium: Photography

Botanica is a collection of his fine art photography bringing to life the beautiful flowers which were first collected in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries around the Australian coast. John E. Maloney’s exhibition of macro photographs depict the rich diversity of forms found in Australian flora. Transporting the viewer back to the early 1770’s when botanist’s Joseph Banks (in NSW) and later Robert Brown (in WA) first landed on Australian soil and collected samples of previously unknown species of plants, the audience may wonder, as Banks and Brown did, over the variety and splendour of the genus that was named after the botanical explorer and supporter of Australia’s early settlement.


Image: John E. Maloney, Banksia paludosa, Marsh Banksia, 2011. Digital photograph, pigment print 100 x 100cm. Image courtesy the artist