April 1 to October 31

About this exhibition

In memory of Paul Thompson.

Around the world thousands of people are steadfastly preparing for the end of civilisation as we know it. Doomsday preppers, as they’re known, collect specialised survival products, skills, and knowledge, both in real life and as members of online communities. The prepper phenomenon is an expression of widely relatable cultural anxieties.

Preppers examines this global subculture and its distinct aesthetics, jargon and apocalyptic fantasies. The exhibition features five cutting edge Australian and International artists presenting sculpture, installation, video, and prints that reflect their fascination with, and participation in the culture of doomsday prepping.

Preppers invites audiences to engage with a plan for action in the face of current cultural anxieties through high tech and physically engaging contemporary works.

Image Credit: Thomas Yeoman, Queer Sigil and Royal America (installed), 2018. Image by Thomas Yeoman

This exhibition tour is dedicated to his significant contribution to the organisation and cultural sector. Paul Thompson was the longest serving Executive Director for ART ON THE MOVE (1998-2015) who died in 2019.

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If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do? If you were stranded on an island with one person and three items, who and what would they be? Without knowing, we have all been prepping in one way or another. Whether it be in the form of the lighthearted questions above or on a more serious level, considering the impact of the human race on our world and how we can minimise our effects on it.

We’re creating a learning resource to accompany the exhibition and would like to feature the thoughts and insights from people around the state! Help us out by answering the following questions:

Please note: a selection of responses will be used in ART ON THE MOVE promotional materials
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Tiyan Baker (NSW), Loren Kronemyer (USA/TAS), Guy Louden (WA), Dan McCabe (WA) and Thomas Yeomans (UK).


Sculpture, video, installation, print.


25 – 30 running metres.


Involve your own local preppers, gardeners, environmentalists, activists!
As part of the Preppers Act-Belong-Commit engagement program, we offer subsidy for venues to collaborate with local groups to offer workshops in line with the exhibition themes, for example:
Pickling & Fermenting
Bush Medicine
Bushtucker/ Foraging for food
Survival 101
Bush Craft


Marketing Kit (includes: e-invitation template, artwork for hard copy invitation, media release, promotional images, logos and acknowledgements)


Exhibition and sponsorship panels
Artwork labels
Exhibition brochures (free for distribution)


Working with touring exhibitions; Handling artworks; Installation of 2D and Audio Visual artworks; Exhibition lighting

*Extra cost involved 


April 2020 – October 2021. Available WA and interstate

Cost Share

ART ON THE MOVE Members: $4,000 (inc. GST)
Non-Members: $4,500 (inc. GST)


Interstate Venues: Contact to discuss.


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